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A silent voice characters: Explained in detail



A silent voice characters

If you’re a fan of the slice-of-life genre anime you may have watched A Silent Voice. It is one of the most popular anime movies from this genre that explores the themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the struggles of social isolation while undergoing peer pressure.

The A Silent Voice characters are carefully plotted in a complex and relatable manner, each with their own unique set of motivations and struggles. In this article, we will dive into A Silent Voice characters and examine how they evolve during the story.

A Silent Voice characters in a nutshell

Shoko Nishimiya

Shoko is a sweet and compassionate deaf girl who uses sign language to communicate. Due to her condition, she is frequently excluded from and ridiculed by her classmates in her new school. The harassment Shoko endures from her peers really comes crashing for us as an audience, showcasing the bitter truth of our world.

Though such bullying can be really disturbing for kids of her age, Shoko tries to befriend everyone and acts as a strong character who keeps working for her objectives regardless of what other people do to her.

Shoya Ishida

The series’ protagonist, Shoya, is originally depicted as one of the main bullies who torment Shoko Nishimiya. Yet as the narrative goes on and Shoya grows up to be a completely different young adult, we witness Shoya’s regret and guilt for his earlier deeds. To redeem his behavior towards Shoko he starts to take steps to make amends. A complex individual, Shoya battles feelings of remorse, self-doubt, and a yearning for atonement.

Yuzuru Nishimiya

Shoko’s younger sister, Yuzuru, serves as her interpreter and support. Even at a young age, she is devoted to her sister and frequently defends her when she is treated poorly by others. 

Due to her sister’s condition, Yuzuru acts extremely possessively and portrays a tomboyish character, frequently feeling left out and being protective of her sister.

Tomohiro Nagatsuka

One of Shoya’s classmates, Tomohiro, ends up being his closest friend. He brings much-needed humor and sarcastic touch to the plot as a carefree, fun-loving guy. Tomohiro supports Shoya and aids him in overcoming his self-doubts, frequently serving as a calming influence. Also, read Weathering With You characters breakdown.

Naoka Ueno

One of the people that initially bullies Shoko is Naoka, a classmate of Shoya’s. Think of her as the “that-girl” character in the movie, as she is a well-liked, self-assured character who is accustomed to obtaining what she wants. 

Naoka is a complicated character who battles feelings of resentment and social anxiety as a child. But as the narrative goes on, we witness her character develop and she learns from her errors.

Miyoko Sahara

Adding to the list of bullies, Shoya’s classmate, Miyoko, initially participates in the harassment of Shoko just like her fellow classmates. Initially, she is portrayed as a shy, introverted person who frequently observes events from the sides, making her a very observant personality.

Yet as the narrative unfolds, we notice how her personality transforms and she starts to assert herself more and stand up for what is right.

And with that being said, these are some of the main characters in A Silent Voice. If you haven’t watched a silent voice yet, make sure you watch it today and comment down your review. Which of these characters is your favorite? Do let us know! Also, read Everything about Misa Death Note that you need to know.

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