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Everything about Misa Death Note that you need to know



Misa Death Note

Introduced as a young bubbly girl, Misa Amane is one of the most important characters in the Death Note series. Initially playing the part of the second Kira, Misa has a much darker reality which is usually kept hidden under her attractive personality.

Alongside her love interest in Light, Misa Death Note serves the purpose of a popular actress and model in the story. As the story progresses, Misa has a significant presence in the series and plays a critical role in the story’s development. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Misa Amane, exploring her character and story in more detail.

Who is Misa Amane?

As mentioned earlier, Misa Amane is a budding model and actress who becomes involved in the story after becoming the mysterious second Kira who also had a Death Note. 

In the anime, throughout the series, she is presented with gothic and punk-inspired clothing, paired with heavy makeup and hairstyles that make her stand out. 

She also shows immense attraction towards our protagonist, Light Yagami- who made it very clear from the beginning that he didn’t want to be involved in a serious relationship and was allegedly only using her for her Shinigami eyes. 

To sum up Misa’s character in Death Note, she is portrayed as an outgoing and bubbly young adult, often taking on a childlike demeanor that masks her intelligence and is perfect for Light.

Misa Death Note character explained
Everything about Misa Death Note that you need to know 28

How does Misa get involved in the Death Note story?

Misa Amane is introduced in the series as the second Kira. Just like Light, she acted as a vigilante who uses the Death Note to punish criminals and create a better world. 

Her character is mostly inspired by Light Yagami after seeing his actions as Kira. She also decides to contact him, hoping to work with him and bring about their vision of a better world. But instead, she is consecutively used by Light for her Death Note and Shinigami eyes.

This transforms Misa into becoming a key ally of Light and helps him with his plan. But her obsession with Light often makes her seem rather less intelligent.

What are Misa’s motivations?

Misa’s motivations are somewhat an amalgamation of her feelings for Light and a desire to do good and make the world a better place. Hence, initially, she indulges in the Kira conspiracy to help Light glorify the world with no criminals. However, it is prominent that Misa is heavily taken aback by her love for Light, which causes her to be fiercely loyal to him with no sense of judgment.

What are Misa’s strengths and weaknesses?

The Death Note character of Misa is so well written that she is amongst some of the only characters in the series with the perfect balance of strengths and weaknesses. 

While some may think that her strengths are her beauty and charisma, which allows her to win people over; in reality, it’s her Death Note and Shinigami eyes that make her a very important role.  

Misa’s Death Note

Spoiler Alert: Just like Light, Misa also owns a Death Note, accompanied by her Shinigami Rem who later plays a crucial role in the demise of L.

Misa’s Shinigami Eyes

Spoiler Alert: While both Light and Misa own a Death Note and their very own Shinigamis, Misa also has Shinigami eyes that she traded for by reducing her life span. These Shinigami Eyes help Misa to read a person’s actual name which can then be written in the Death Note.

What is Misa’s role in Death Note?

While Misa’s main plot is to boost Light’s part of the story by serving as an ally, she also brings her own unique perspective to the story. The Death Note anime/manga can sometimes be too intense, in that case, Misa’s character provides a much-needed emotional balance to the more logical and calculated actions of Light and other characters. 

Misa further takes initiatives that drive the plot forward, making critical decisions that impact the direction of the story and the fates of the characters involved.

Frequently asked questions about Misa Death Note

Who kills Misa’s Death Note?

Misa Amane’s destiny is left up to the viewer’s perception in the Death Note series and is not directly shown. In the anime, Misa is depicted as departing the city with a final message for Light Yagami before she is last seen alive. In the manga, Misa’s fate is similarly left unresolved, and it is unclear where she will end up.

What happened to Misa after Death Note?

It is not clear what happened to Misa Amane in the finale of Death Note after Light’s death. Misa’s fate is left ambiguous and is not shown after the events of the main story. However, many fans speculate that Misa took her own life post Light’s death but no official sources back this theory up.

How old is Misa when she dies?

If the suicide theory mentioned earlier is correct, chances are that Misa was 26 years old when she took her own life post Light’s death in the finale of Death Note anime.

Is Misa Amane alive?

Last seen leaving the city with a farewell message to Light Yagami, the Death Note series does not provide a definitive answer as to whether Misa Amane is alive or not. Her fate is left ambiguous and is not shown after the events of the main story.

How did L find out Misa was the second Kira?

L used a combination of investigation, intuition, and deductive reasoning to determine that Misa Amane was the second Kira. The key steps that resulted in L’s discovery are as follows:

The timing of some of the deaths and the fact that the second Kira was going after offenders who hadn’t yet been publicly named made L conclude that the second Kira had access to police data.

L also reasoned that the second Kira must be related to the first Kira in some way since they employed the same killing technique and shared objectives.

Based on Misa Amane’s history, demeanor, and conduct, L then utilized a combination of psychological profiling and deduction to determine that she was a plausible candidate for the second Kira.

Moreover, L put up a trap to capture the second Kira by declaring on television that the first Kira was probably in the Kanto region of Japan in the hopes that the second Kira would be enticed to reveal themselves by making a move.

Ultimately, L managed to coerce Misa Amane into disclosing her identity through a convoluted scheme involving a phony TV broadcast and a group of FBI agents, proving that she was the second Kira.

Is Misa older than light?

In the Death Note anime, it is suggested that Misa Amane is a few years older than Light Yagami. Light is a high school student at the beginning of the series, and in the manga, it is mentioned that Misa is a few years older than him.

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