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Weathering With You characters breakdown



Weathering with you characters

If you’re an anime fan, chances are that you may have watched the iconic release of 2019 Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko/ 天気の子). Directed by Makoto Shinkai, is a captivating tale of love between two teenagers struggling to make their way in the outer world set against the backdrop of Tokyo’s unpredictable weather. What makes this movie so memorable is its unforgettable cast, making Weathering With You characters some of the best in their time and henceforth.

Backed up by its astonishing visuals, the story progresses to be a rather adventurous tale focusing on the love story of two struggling high schoolers and an ability to change the weather in Tokyo, Japan.

The film features a cast of dynamic characters, each with their own unique backstory and contributions to the story, including one of the most iconic cameos of all time. Here’s the background and story of each character in the movie Weathering with you:

Weathering With You character background and storyline

Hodaka Morishima

Hodaka is a 16-year-old boy who runs away from his small island town to start a new life in Tokyo. He struggles to find a job and make ends meet at first, but eventually finds work as a writer for a small magazine. 

Throughout the film, Hodaka develops as a character as he learns to navigate the challenges of life in the big city. He helps Hina with her “SunShine Girl ” business and emerges as a hope in her life. He falls in love with Hina and becomes determined to protect her, which becomes a driving force behind his actions in the story.

Hina Amano

Hina is a 15-year-old girl who has the ability to control the weather. She works as a “sunshine girl,” bringing clear skies to clients for a fee. Her backstory is explored through her relationship with her deceased mother, who passed down the ability to control the weather to her. 

Hina is kind and caring, and her love for her family and willingness to sacrifice for them is a central theme of the film. 

Nagi Amano

Hina’s younger brother Nagi adds lighthearted humor throughout the movie. He becomes an important member of Hodaka and Hina’s impromptu family and helps them with odd jobs. 

Despite being young, Nagi is sensitive and gives Hodaka and Hina emotional support as they deal with challenging situations. Nagi understands Hina’s position and their financial status- adding depth to a child’s perspective.

Keisuke Suga

Suga is a middle-aged man who finds Hodaka and takes him under his wing and becomes a father figure to him. As the plot develops, we find out that there’s more to Suga’s backstory- which is explored through his relationship with his daughter, who he lost custody of after a messy divorce. 

Suga is initially gruff and closed off, but he softens as he grows closer to Hodaka and becomes willing to sacrifice for him. His relationship with Hodaka provides an emotional aspect to the story and acting as a father figure highlights the theme of family and sacrifice in the film.


Natsumi is a colleague of Suga’s and works at the same small magazine where Hodaka is employed. She helps Suga navigate the challenges of living in Tokyo. Her backstory is not explored in depth, but she serves as a source of support and guidance for Hodaka. 

Natsumi’s role in the story is primarily to provide exposition and assist in moving the plot forward, but her kindness and willingness to help Hodaka highlight the theme of community and support in the film.

Your Name characters in Weathering With You

Mitsuha Miyamizu (Cameo)

Mitsuha plays a relevant role in the story when Hodaka purchases a ring for Hina’s birthday. With some help from Nagi-senpai, Hodaka goes to a store where Mitsuha is working and she assists him in the purchase of the ring. 

Mitsuha’s name tag says “Miyamizu” and she is even wearing the red cord bracelet that Taki gave her in “Your Name“(Kimi no Na wa/ )君の名は. This nod to the previous film adds a touch of nostalgia for fans and hints at the deeper connection between the two films.

Taki Tachibana (Cameo)

One of Hodaka and Hina’s customers turns out to be Taki’s grandma when they begin accepting tasks for the new “Sunshine girl company”. They go to the Tachibana home where they meet Taki and have a conversation with him. 

Hodaka gains some understanding from Taki, who is dressed in a shirt with a collar that is the same shade of green as his school uniform from Your Name. This allusion to the previous movie raises the possibility that Taki was still a student during the events of Weathering With You.

It is safe to say that the film’s characters are well-developed and each plays a significant role in the story, with Hina and Hodaka standing out as particularly compelling protagonists. The stunning animation and captivating soundtrack further add to the film’s emotional impact. 

Additionally, the cameos from Mitsuha and Taki provide a nostalgic connection to the previous film Your Name and add an extra layer of depth for fans. Overall, Weathering With You is a must-watch for anime fans and anyone who appreciates a heartfelt and visually stunning story.

Which Weathering With You character is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments!

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