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Gautam Adani becomes the 3rd richest man on earth



gautam adani become asia's richest business tycoon

First time in history world’s 3rd richest man is an Asian. 

Last week, Adani Group of Industries founder Gautam Adani became the third richest person in the world. Elon Musk retained the top spot with his net worth of $251.4 billion, followed by Jeff Bezos ($153.4 billion) and Mr. Adani with $137.4 billion. It is the first time an Asian has broken into the top three, with Mr. Adani overtaking France’s Bernard Arnault.

Mr. Adani added $60.9 billion to his fortune in 2022 alone, five times more than anyone else. He first overtook Mukesh Ambani as the richest Asian in February and then last month surpassed Microsoft Corporation’s Bill Gates as the fourth richest person in the world.

Adani’s different business operation

Adani’s conglomerate owns India’s largest private sector, operating a seaport and airport for the past few years. The Adani Group now owns India’s largest private port and airport operator, city gas distributor and coal miner. Recently, Cement has expanded its conglomerate into new directions such as data centers and Cement is now the second largest cement producer in India, power distribution, telecommunications, media and alumina.

Additionally, Mr. Adani pledged in November to invest $70 billion in green energy to become the world’s largest producer of renewable energy, the report said.

Adani is expanding not only in India, but they have a huge presence there, a coal mine in Queensland, Australia. The company has faced harsh criticism for its environmental impact on the Great Barrier Reef, as well as for using billions of liters of water each year.

Here is the latest list of the 10 richest people in the world (August 30, 2022):

Elon Musk: $251 billion

Jeff Bezos: $153 billion

Gautam Adani: $137 billion

Bernard Arnault: $136 billion

Bill Gates: $117 billion

Warren Buffett: $100 billion

Larry Page: $100 billion

Sergey Brin: $95.8 billion

Steve Ballmer: $93.7 billion

Larry Ellison: $93.3 billion:

The Adani’s are the only among the top billionaires whose wealth has grown during and after Covid, the other top billionaires have seen their wealth fall this year – Recently Adani’s gained projects in Israel to develop the new port which is one of biggest one with 1.3$ Bn. This will not be surprising to get news in the near future that Adani’s are the second one.
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