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Bella Hadid’s Nose: Real or modified?



Truth about Bella Hadid and her nose job

After years of dodging, supermodel Bella Hadid has finally confirmed the rumors of her nose job. Here’s everything she revealed in her interview with Vogue magazine.

Rumors about a nose job first emerged in 2015, when fans noticed that Bella Hadid nose (r. Bella Hadid’s nose) appeared to be thinner and more defined in some of her photos. These rumors were fueled by the fact that Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid, had undergone plastic surgery to correct a deviated septum.

The rumors soon took the name of Bella Hadid nose job as fans were determined to know the reality of Bella’s nose.

Did Bella Hadid have a nose job?

Initially Bella never directly addressed the rumors about her nose job, but she did speak about her relationship with plastic surgery in general. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Bella stated that she is open to the idea of plastic surgery, but only if it is for medical reasons.

But in 2022 it was finally confirmed that Bella Hadid plastic surgery was in fact a truth. Bella expressed regret about getting a nose job at the age of 14! stating that she wishes she had kept the nose of her ancestors, referencing her father Mohamed Hadid’s Palestinian heritage. 

Bella Hadid before nose job

Why did Bella Hadid have a nose job?

Fans then noted that Bella felt insecure about being perceived as the “uglier sister” in comparison to her elder sibling Gigi, who is also a well-known model. Bella shared that she felt she was not as cool or outgoing as Gigi and that being told this repeatedly led her to believe it. Despite their distinct appearances, the two sisters have often been compared to each other.

This does showcase the beauty industry’s obsession with “the perfect look”, as a result of which many models, actors, and other beauty icons choose to alter their appearance. 

TikTok’s favorite doctor Youn also expressed his opinion about Bella Hadid before nose job vs after.

But it is safe to say that the fashion icon is beautiful with or without facial modifications. Not to forget mentioning that, post this news she took over the internet with Bella Hadid spray on dress, probably one of the most iconic moments of 2022.

So what are your views about Bella Hadid before surgery vs after? Do let us know in the comments!

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