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All you need to know Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational



apex legends mobile tournaments in India

Apex Legends Mobile is a recently launched FPS mobile game. After the success of Apex Legends PC as a competitive esport, Apex Legends Mobile can follow in the footsteps of the game to become a major player in the esports scene and even join other popular titles such as Wild Rift, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

According to Monk, some of the most popular Apex Legends mobile content creators in India will compete in the Thug Invitational starting on August 26th. The action-packed event will feature popular streamers competing for a prize pool of INR 2.5 Lakhs ($3,100).

Apex Legends Mobile Thug Invitational

After several mobile esports titles were banned in India, many players are moving to Apex Legends Mobile. For the mobile game, Respawn Entertainment has improved a lot of the features that make Apex Legends great and also added a number of game modes and exclusive legends for players to enjoy.

Apex Legends Mobile is still in its early stages and The Esports Club, 8Bit and Loco are working together to establish the game’s presence in India as an esports title.

Recently, The Esports Club hosted its Invitational scrims from August 18-21, and the Thug Invitational will be its second event. With a prize pool of INR 2,50,000, it is the biggest Apex Legends Mobile esports event in India so far. The event will be streamed on The Esports Club (TEC) channel on Loco, which is the official broadcast partner of the tournament.

This is not the first time that Thug has organized a gaming tournament in collaboration with other organizers. The community has also seen a few Thug Invitationals before, but they were all for different games like BGMI. This is the first time we will see a Thug Invitational for Apex Legends Mobile.
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