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Esports Boxing Club- Ryan Garcia is the new addition to the roster.



Esports Boxing Club- Ryan Garcia is the new addition to the roster

Esports Boxing Club, a game that has already been released on PC and Xbox, is getting a new member in the form of Ryan Garcia. He will provide motion capture for the title from developer Steel City Interactive along with content creation, streaming and general promotion for the game.

The ESBC roster grows every season with the addition of Legends and Rising Stars during the ESBC, this model ensures the flow of regular material. A full Character-Creator package with the best graphics will also be offered.

Ryan is also part of a team that is currently working on an eSports boxing game called “Boxing Club” which is being developed by Steel City Interactive. The company recently announced their new roster additions including Ryan Garcia as their new Head of Marketing and Branding who will be providing motion capture for any future title releases from this studio while working closely with them on other projects as well!

In order to focus on mental health, Garcia withdrew from the fight against Fortuna, who he was supposed to challenge for the opportunity to face Haney. Garcia was supposed to fight Joseph Diaz in addition to Fortuna, but he fractured his hand and had to cancel the fight.

Esports Boxing Club features a roster of over 70 professional boxers and upcoming fighters including legendary boxers such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. The game is available for free on iOS and Android devices, with in-app purchases that allow you to customize your boxer’s appearance, equipment, and stats.

Fans have been pining for a Fight Night fix since the original announcement of eSports Boxing Club.

For both devoted boxing fans and beginners, Steel City Interactive aims to provide an electrifying and breathe taking boxing game experience.

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