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Esports Investments: Start of second half of the fiscal year 2022



Esports Investments to make in 2023

July came in as an excellent month for Esports Investments after a slight slowdown in previous months. Many esports entities have taken this opportunity to support fundraising to further expand their companies.

FaZe goes public 

If asked about 5 years ago, no one would have ever believed that esports organizations could go public. It has always been ridiculed in various regions, especially in India and South Asia. FaZe became a public company after going public on NASDAQ. Once the merger agreement with the SPAC (Special Purpose Company) named B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp is finalized, the deal will see the old organization renamed FaZe Holdings Inc.

Sony acquires, while OpTic Gaming acquires Botisimo

M&A seems to be in full swing as tech company Sony acquires esports tournament platform as part of its continued PlayStation-focused esports expansion.

Not only that, OpTic Gaming also acquired Botisimo, a streaming management tool, through a Series A funding round that preceded the merger between Envy Gaming and Optic.

QLASH raises a €2.6 million round from investors from the entertainment industry as well as sports people

QLASH – European organization raises €2.6 million round with investors such as Italian UFC fighter Marvin Vettori, world volleyball champion Francesca Piccinini and Real Betis footballer Victor Camarasa. Not only QLASH North American Organisation, but XSET also raised $15 million to invest in new talent and marketing in a series of funding round.

Looking at all of this, one conclusion is that the esports market is super dynamic and has a lot of twists and turns that will certainly bring benefits to the players, but most of the fun to the viewers and enthusiasts.

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