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How to climb Diamond rank in League of Legends?



How to climb Diamond rank in League of Legends

Anyone with a computer, a stable internet connection, and a soul full of dedication can reach Diamond in League of Legends. All you need is the right mental state, appropriate champion selection, win lane then make the right macro decisions. 

But first, a universally accepted fact is that you practically deserve the rank you count in. Second, you must elevate your game to increase your rank accordingly. 

Tips to reach Diamond in League of Legends

Champions pool

A common mistake is not focusing on the champion pool, but once you decide that you would only play a select few characters for every role, your ELO will skyrocket. 

Hitting and missing so many characters will hold you back from reaching your peak from your own skills. So if you want to reach the highest rating possible, it is important to pick an easy, comfortable, fun champ that you will enjoy while grinding and spam games with them.


This is a truly crucial decision you need to make when you’re beginning your grind to Diamond. Some players are able to sit down for 10-15 hour periods and play throughout the day, however, others struggle to play a range of hours at a time.

In case you need to climb, however beyond that is a private it’s now going that comes down to what you may manage. Remember consistency is the key!

Know your goal 

When you attain diamond 3, the game starts becoming a task. It will now not be about having fun anymore if you want to win you must make meta picks and select precisely what your crew lacks, think about combinations, buy specific builds and items, gank particular lanes or even take a seat under the tower and watch for assist in case you get countered. 

One small mistake in a D3+ lobby will value the game and due to that, intermediates are encouraged to stay among D3-Plat.

One small mistake in a D3+ will cost you the game and because of that, intermediates are recommended to stay between D3-Plat.


Learn how to emerge as self-essential. After every lost team fight, each demise, ask yourself “what should I have done better?”. Do not function according to what your team may want to have carried out for you, rather ask yourself first what you could do in a different manner to produce a better outcome.

The order of priorities you must hold when pushing your rank must be win>have fun>get higher. Follow the latter set of priorities and you won’t just be Diamond but Monk guarantees you will have more fun. you may make more buddies out of the network.

You may create an extra exciting gaming experience for yourself and everyone involved. you will clearly turn out to be a better player, with better mechanics, and an improved teammate. More importantly, you’ll help make a better game environment!
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