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How to make an esports sponsorship deck?



How to make the Esports sponsorship deck

If you want to make an impact in your next meeting with your sponsors, here’s a complete guide on how to make an esports sponsorship deck to ace any presentation.

This is a step-by-step guide, so stick around till the end. A strong, tailored and effective sponsorship proposal will typically be up to 12-16 pages or longer, which does not please sponsors as long as it is in a reasonable order, presents your business profile professionally, and is formatted in an easy-to-read way.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: A cover page

The first slide of any presentation should be a creative and powerful cover page that you can use to introduce the presentation either at a meeting or a skype call. It will look great, and it will give you time to present yourself and your management team. Include a picture that appropriately communicates your vision, mission statement, and values.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: About your esports organization

This is the slide where you tell the story of your organization. Who are you, what do you do, where do you want to go, why should we believe you will succeed, and what makes you unique? Explain what you do and how you do it. What teams, players, influencers or streamers do you work with?

Esports Sponsorship Deck: About your management team

In this slide, you introduce yourself and your management team. Use great images here and include just a little bit of text. You don’t want people to “sit and read” your images, you want them to look at the images, feel engaged, and most importantly, listen to you. Make your management team look good and communicate brilliantly and confidently.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: Vision/Goals

Explain your vision for the field and how you plan to climb your way up in the market. List out your goals for the future covering the next year, five years, and a decade and how you plan to conquer your ambition.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: Achievements/ Awards/ Titles

Step four is to incorporate your strengths, it can be your achievements, awards, titles, or pretty much everything you want your sponsors to know about you. List the esports achievements of your players and teams. List the esports goals you are working to achieve.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: Timeline 

Include a timeline of your organization explaining how your organization and leadership have evolved while focusing on stability and growth. Showcase your products and how you can activate your community and bring value to partners:

Esports Sponsorship Deck: Partners

Talk about your partners and collaborators, spanning local partner activation (events, tournaments, watch parties, college esports, local social media, local website, local branding, local player or influencer marketing, event giveaways, and anything you can offer a partner locally).

Esports Sponsorship Deck: Social media analysis

Execute your statistics from your social media channel followers, engagement, reach, and other KPIs relevant to your organization and your channels. KPIs differ from channel to channel, so make sure you only use KPIs that bring value to your partner.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: What are you looking for?

List out your expectations from your sponsors, this can be peripherals to make your players better, or monetary partnership and activation. Don’t be shy and explain why you need the following and how you can use these resources to bring value to the company.

Esports Sponsorship Deck: What do we have for you?

Mention the deliverables from your end, and highlight your key services, this can be promotions, brand activation, stock allotments, and many more. Generally keeping your deliverables more than your expectations helps execute your business more promising and worth investing in.

If you have made it so far, congratulations you are now an intermediate in making a potentially great pitch deck for your presentation. All the points can be customized according to your company’s interest and agenda.

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