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Are you looking for India’s best GTA 5 Roleplay Server? If yes then this article is for you! We here at Esports Monk interviewed one of the most popular industry professionals Monu Sahni to spill some tea.

Sahni has been in the field of web oriented server development and hosting for more than 5 years, he recently joined Dream Esports India as a leading server developer. He’s leading the project called “Dream Esports India Roleplay” to re-establish India’s slow paced GTA scene. Here are some key points from the interview. 

What was the idea behind Dream Esports India Roleplay and how did you execute it?

Almost 6 month ago, I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and I came across a story-based GTA video and came up with an Idea to start something similar. The next day I proceeded to share my idea with Mr. Ankush Kharwal (Founder and CEO of Dream Esports India) and he liked the idea just as much. And that is it! I was asked to execute the idea with my 5 years worth of experience. I soon started to convert this idea into reality by building the foundation of the server. The process was tedious and took almost 3-4 month to put together, however each and every minute was worth the effort. 

Where do you see the project in the next 1 year?

I see us reaching the newest heights. We anticipate and work for it to be the best Indian roleplay server, so much so that an individual appreciating the efforts put in the project must appreciate the quality and service it has to offer. We are all set to also come up with our very own merchandising line, the planning and early access for which is already on a go

What is the theme of the server?

The project is a dynamic take on the real-life world, this includes existence promotion, branding elements, and overall a very full-filling environment. The project is brought to you by Dream Esports India in association with Rooter, hence maximum server space for advertisement and showcasing is utilized by them. We have carefully emphasized the branding of the server giving it a very “desi” look to represent an average Indian society. We plan to add more cliché-oriented items in the near future.

What is the primary goal of the server?

The primary goal of our server is to provide a quality roleplay experience to all its users. It is rare to find Indian servers that offer similar experiences when it comes to services and attributes. Not only do we have India’s lowest latency server but also promise to offer the least packet loss and ping available in the market. Needless to say, the server has been a very successful one since the start, they were fully packed even during the beta testing

Any message for the readers?

Our users are what makes us, we would love to accommodate people who admire roleplay and its niché under our umbrella. Do check our server out and support!

And that was an amazing interview with such an awesome personality. Don’t forget to check out the Dream Esports India Roleplay server and comment down below on how you like it!

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