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The World’s Greatest Esports Teams 2023



World's Greatest Esports Teams of All time

The 2023 season is still over a year away, but that’s not stopping us from looking ahead. We’ve been watching a lot of esports in the past few months and have compiled our list of the World’s Greatest Esports Teams in 2023.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is one of the most successful esports organizations in the world. The team has won multiple major titles and been runners-up for more than any other organization.

Team Liquid’s owners are Andy Dinh and Steve Arhancet, who have also been involved with Counter Strike: Global Offensive as well as other games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Hearthstone. They have won over $100 million worth of prizes in their history which makes them one of the wealthiest groups in esports ever!

G2 Esports

G2 Esports is a Spanish esports organization. It was founded in 2013, and it has since become one of the most successful multi-gaming esports organizations in the world. The team’s headquarters are located in France, but they also have teams across Europe and even North America.

G2 Esports was formed when two existing organizations merged: Team EnVyUs (formerly known as Complexity Gaming) and Gamers2 (formerly known as Millenium). The two teams combined their resources to form G2 Esports with an aim to compete at an international level against some of the best teams around Europe and Asia Pacific regions like Japan or China.”

Fnatic Esports

Fnatic is a professional esports organization based in London, England. It was founded in 2004 by Sam Mathews and Chris Badawi. Since then, it has been one of the most successful teams in League of Legends history with over $100 million USD in prize money won over its lifetime. Fnatic also fields teams in other games including Hearthstone, CS:GO and Overwatch as well as supporting players from other regions who wish to compete under the Fnatic banner.

Fnatic has won several titles since its inception:

  • 2014 – 2015 World Championship (LoL) – Winners Bracket Runner-Up
  • 2015 – 2016 World Championship (LoL) – Winners Bracket Runner-Up

Gen.G Esports

Gen.G is a South Korean esports organization founded in 2016 by Samsung Electronics. The team is the first esports organization to be backed by a large South Korean conglomerate.

Gen.G was one of the first teams to integrate professional gamers into their roster, and have since been able to compete at tournaments alongside players from other organizations such as SK Telecom T1 and Royal Never Give Up (RNG).

T1 Esports

T1 is a gaming organization based in South Korea that has been one of the most successful esports teams since its inception. The organization was formed by Kim “Frozen” Tae-il and Jung “Mata” Seung-yong in 2012 and currently fields teams for League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch League, Vainglory 8v8, Arena of Valor MOBA/Action RPG game mode where players can choose between three heroes each with their own special abilities.

The first team that T1 fielded was called SK Telecom T1 K or simply ‘SKT’. The name comes from a well-known basketball team from Seoul who won 5 National Championships during the 20th century. This team became famous due to their dominance over other Korean teams like Najin Sword & Samsung Ozone which were considered top tier when they were competing against each other during this era; however these days it seems like both Najin Sword & Samsung Ozone have fallen off after disbanding sometime around 2016 – 2017 due to financial issues faced by either company so I wouldn’t recommend checking out any matches involving them just yet if you want something new! But don’t worry though because there are plenty more matches available online where people get together online every day at around 4pm local time when nobody else needs anything done besides playing games which sounds great right now isn’t it?”

Evil Geniuses Esports

Evil Geniuses is an American esports organization based in San Francisco and owned by the American businessman and former professional Call of Duty player, Alex Garfield. The team has a long history of success with multiple international championships under their belt.

Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest esports organizations in the world having been founded in 2003 by Justin “JWong” Wong and Mike “Hastr0” Rufail, with support from other players such as Simon “smooya” Matthiesen (now playing for Fnatic) who joined shortly after its creation. In 2010 they became one of only two North American teams to compete at IEM Cologne where they won two titles: one being against Team DK before losing convincingly against Na`Vi in another best-of-five series 2–1; however this victory would prove to be short lived because just six months later Na`Vi would go on to win IEM Kiev 3–2 over them after defeating fnatic 3–0 first round winners then beating mTw 2–1 (both games played offline).

Rogue Esports

Rogue is an American esports organization that has been established since 2017. The team was founded by James “JZFB” Bardy and Chris “Comsat” Brown, who are also the co-founders of the league’s governing body.

Rogue is a multi-gaming esports organization that competes in multiple games including: Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch and League of Legends.

MAD Lions Esports

MAD Lions is a Spanish esports organization founded in 2012. It has teams in League of Legends and Fortnite, as well as FIFA.

MAD Lions was founded by three friends: Óscar López (founder), Pablo Bautista (chairman) and José Luis Blenis (CEO). They currently have more than 10 million followers on their social media channels worldwide.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves is an esports organization owned by the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team competes in League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Apex Legends and Super Smash Bros.

100 Thieves was formed in 2019 as a North American esports organization that competes in League of Legends (LoL), Fortnite Battle Royale (FBR) and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The team’s roster includes Jonathan “Jonny” Jonasson on mid lane; Michael “Mikey” Mendoza on ADC; Kevin “Kev1n” Lauzon on support; Mikias “MSL” Lehtiäinen who plays jungle roles for 100 Thieves ; Jérémy “JeeryZ” Zirngibl who plays offlane roles for 100 Thieves .

Invictus Gaming

  • Invictus Gaming is a Chinese esports organization founded in 2011.
  • The team has won the LPL Spring Split in 2018 and the LPL Summer Split in 2017.

These are the best Esports Teams in the world today

These are the best esports organizations in the world today. They have won many championships and have a lot of fans. In fact, they’re so good at their games that they can even compete against professional athletes!

These teams also have money and talent, but what sets them apart is their experience: many of these organizations were founded by former professional athletes who found themselves with time on their hands after retiring from sports careers; this gives them an edge over other teams that might not have had such access to resources when starting out initially (and likely still don’t).

These are the best esports organizations in the world today. We hope this list helped you get a better understanding of what makes each team so successful, as well as how they stack up against their rivals. If we missed any teams or even if there’s one that we didn’t mention here then please let us know about it in the comments below!

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