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Top 5 locations on the TROI map in PUBG : New State Mobile



Top 5 locations on the TROI map in New State Mobile

On the TROI map, players who have fallen into a reduced playable area by parachute. They can land in areas of high prey density to quickly grab a weapon and take out their opponents. Prominently they carried out face-offs armed with pistols, smoke grenades, and other elements.

The 5 top locations on the TROI map that need to expose in the New State Mobile game are. 

The Factory

Factory is the best hot-drop location in PUBG New State Mobile. It is in the middle part of the map and is preferred by many aggressive players. One can rack -up lots of kills in the factory as up to four to five units can land here at once.

It has two realistic-looking cranes that add more futuristic gameplay. Players can also land on side complexes and perform third-party attacks on opponents. For rank shifters, there are plenty of vehicles available around the location to travel around the map.

The Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall is also an important place to land and get good loot. In the middle part of the map, the location allows players to quickly acquire high-quality armor, weapons, and scopes to wreak havoc on enemies on the battlefield. Those who prefer a rush game can land here and easily increase their kill count. Suffice it to say that fast-loading kills will increase their game stats like K/D ratio and push their level rating into the higher leagues.

The Chester

Chester is another useful landing spot. It is a medium-sized city and offers decent loot that players can collect from various buildings and other compounds in the city. New State players are advised to be prepared for firefights as more than one squad may land here depending on the plane’s trajectory. It’s a good place for those who prefer to land safely in the early stages and then keep the momentum going.

The Lab

The lab is another great place for players to land and get some good loot. This makes it ideal for those with a passive play style. The lab is located on the edge of the map, so players can get their favorite weapons and other tools like healing and grenades without having to worry about opponents. However, they are advised to watch the movements of the enemies and come up with good strategies to counter them. In addition, the lab has a large robotic structure in its main arena.

The Mall

The Mall is one of the best places for quick looting in New State Mobile. It has a large main compound and four to five small compounds where players can obtain high-quality loot, including weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, and other gadgets. Many vehicles will appear near the location, which is useful for getting safe zones on the map. However, players can expect plenty of squads to land here to get their hands on the loot.

So there is plenty of space available on the TROI map in New State Mobile, which brings in more action, planning, and a lot of fantasy in the game.

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