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Who are the top 5 BGMI Professionals in India 2022



who are the top 5 BGMI Professionals of India

BGMI entered the Indian gaming scene last year and has gradually become one of the most popular esports titles in the region. With the rise in popularity of this new battle royale, new players have emerged who have become some of the best professionals in the game. Here is a list of 5 BGMI players you should definitely check out.

Jonathan Jude Amaral (3 million YouTube subscribers)

Jonathan is clearly one of the most popular BGMI players on the list, and not just because of his gaming talents. He is known for his pleasant demeanor and kind way of interacting with fans.

Additionally, his thumb style of play helps his fans better understand the game as they watch him run through the opposition.

He has also been recognized in the BGMI community for his close-range maneuvers as well as his long-range sprays. In 2020, Jonathan and his former organization TSM-Entity won the PUBG Mobile India Series held in Delhi, where he was awarded the MVP of the tournament.

He even won the SkyEsports Championship 3.0, the LOCO War of Glory Grand Finals, and the Ranbhoomi Season 1 event, cementing his name forever in the South Asian BGMI scene.

Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh (4.2 million YouTube subscribers)

Sc0ut is another incredibly popular streamer in the Indian BGMI community. His streaming style is the same as that of classic Indian streamers, however, some recent incidents have plagued his career with controversies.

Despite adversity, he was able to rise above it all and reach a new level of success due to his innate talent and intelligence. He is an attacker and a defender in his style of play and when the situation calls for it, he can be as aggressive in his game as required.

Sc0ut finished second with TeamIND in the PMCO-Spring Split and has represented India in other competitions including PEL, PMWL, and others. With 4.2 million YouTube followers, he has a significant following in the community.

Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh (1.27 million YouTube subscribers)

Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh, often dubbed by his fans as “the best IGL-cum-assaulter in BGMI history”, is undoubtedly one of the best players on our list. He has represented Orange Rock in several competitions and is one of the most talented members of their lineup.

Due to Mavi’s immense talent, Orange Rock finished second in PMIT 2019, PMCO Spring Split-2020, PMPL Spring Split-2020 South Asia, and ESL-India Premiership 2020. His YouTube channel currently has 1.09 million subscribers, making him another popular figure in the BGMI scene.

Raj ‘Snax’ Verma (1.32 million YouTube subscribers)

Snax, often known as the “DP King”, will be the next item on our list. He’s one of the late bloomers on the scene and wasn’t exactly a household name when PUBG Mobile was still going strong in the region.

Known for his four-finger style of play, he began making videos on various playing methods and tactics, eventually amassing 1.32 million followers on YouTube.

Snax won the Upthrust Esports India Rising 2022 tournament with XO, which had a prize pool of over $10,000. He also managed to reach the top spot at Skyesports Grand Slam 2022, where he won a prize pool of $10,713.

Vivek Aabhas ‘ClutchGod’ Horo (444k YouTube subscribers)

ClutchGod is one of those BGMI talents who lives up to his in-game username. Often considered a “clutch machine” by many, his mastery of BGMI has allowed him to help his team out of the toughest situations.

He is also a fantastic IGL who is highly respected by his teammates for his strategic prowess and how effortlessly he can lead a roster to great heights.

His talent allowed GodLike Esports to triumph in LOCO War of Glory: Grand Finals, PMPL South Asia: Season 1 Finals, and other prestigious events. He also won the MVP in PMPL 2022, taking him to the upper echelons of the Indian BGMI esports scene.

Which of these is your favorite player? Do let us know in the comments!
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