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Craft and use Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest



How to Craft and use Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest

If you are wondering how to craft and use animal traps in Sons of the Forest you might be at the right place! Here’s a detailed guide on what are animal traps how to craft them and use them and their benefits.

Forest is a survival game that requires players to be resourceful and strategic in order to survive. One important aspect of survival is the ability to craft animal traps. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of crafting and using animal traps in Sons of the Forest.

What Are Animal Traps

Animal traps are devices used to catch animals for food and materials. In Sons of the Forest, animal traps can be crafted using the Traps section of the guidebook. They require a variety of resources, including sticks and ropes, to construct. Once constructed, animal traps can be placed in strategic locations to catch animals that walk into them.

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How to craft animal traps in Sons of the forest

Here’s how to Craft and use Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest by following the given steps:

  • Press the B button on your keyboard to open the guidebook.
  • Hold the X button to switch to the Crafting section.
  • Navigate to the Traps section by pressing X until it is highlighted.
  • Find the diagram of the animal trap and the resource requirements needed to construct it.
  • Gather all the required resources.
  • Select the animal trap from the guidebook to equip a white frame.
  • Place the frame at your desired location.
  • Interact with the frame using the E button to place all fourteen sticks and complete the trap.

How to Use Animal Traps in Sons of the Forest

Crafting animal traps is only the first step. Knowing how to use them effectively is crucial for survival. Here’s how you can use animal traps in Sons of the Forest:

  • Place the animal trap in an area where animals are likely to walk, such as near a water source or animal den.
  • Check the trap regularly to see if anything has been caught.
  • Once an animal is caught in the trap, approach it slowly and press the E button to collect the resources.

Benefits or Importance of Animal Traps

Crafting and using animal traps in Sons of the Forest has several benefits and importance, including:

Animal traps provide a reliable source of food and materials which would ultimately help you survive in this ruthless game. They are an effective way to catch animals without using weapons or expending too much energy and can be used to catch animals for crafting materials or to be used as bait for other animals.

In Sons of the Forest, animal traps are a vital piece of equipment for survival. A successful survival strategy can include knowing how to make and use them to give a consistent source of food and supplies. You should be able to build and employ animal traps to boost your chances of surviving the game by following the instructions provided in this guide. Enjoy your trapping!

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