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How to Create a First Blood Match in WWE 2K23



How to Create First Blood Match in WWE 2K23

Here’s a comprehensive guide about how to activate the Blood Feature and How to Create a First Blood Match in WWE 2K23.

Are you a fan of the new WWE 2K23 game? If so, you’re not the only one. WWE 2K23 has taken the gaming world by storm with its innovative features and thrilling gameplay mechanics. Developed by 2K and Visual Concepts Entertainment Studios, WWE 2K23 has one of the best rosters of all time which makes the game so popular.

The game features some of the most sought-after match types among players- Triple Threat, Fatal 4-Way, Steel Cage, Backstage Brawl, First Blood match and more renowned for its heart-pounding intensity and violent action. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own First Blood match in WWE 2K23, so you can experience the pulse-pounding excitement for yourself.

What is First Blood Match in 2K23?

First Blood matches are some of the most popular and hardcore fights as they showcase extreme violence, and the winner is decided by whoever draws their opponent’s blood first. This concept is also adapted by WWE 2K23 for users to experience.

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Activating the Blood Feature

To create an intense and bloody First Blood match in WWE 2K23, players must activate the blood feature in the game’s settings. 

By default, the blood effects are disabled, but with just a few simple steps, you can enable this feature and make your matches more realistic and intense. 

Here’s how to activate the Blood option in 2K23 and get started with creating your own custom First Blood match:

  • Initiate the process by pressing the R1/RB button and navigating to the Options menu.
  • Locate the Gameplay option and select it.
  • Proceed to the Blood option and activate it by toggling the switch.
  • Finalize the process by setting up a First Blood Match.

How to create First Blood match in WWE 2K22

Once the Blood feature is activated, Here’s How to create First Blood match in WWE 2K22:

  • Head to the Creations section in the main menu by pressing the R1/RB button.
  • Select the Custom Matches option.
  • Click on the New button to create a new custom match.
  • Under Match Type, choose the Extreme Rules option.
  • Turn off the Pin or Submission option under Win Condition.
  • Turn on the First Blood option and hit Accept and turn off the Time Limit and select Accept
  • If desired, choose the number of Finishers to start the match with.
  • Set the Default Health to High and select Accept.
  • Decide on the available weapons to be found under the ring and press Accept.
  • Name the match First Blood and save it.
  • Your custom First Blood match will now be listed with the other matches in WWE 2K23.

After listing your First Blood match, you can access it from both the Play Menu and the Universal Mode.

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First Blood Match from the Play Menu 

After saving the custom match, you can select it from the play menu. Here’s how:

  • Head on to the Play Menu.
  • Select Match Type.
  • Navigate to Custom Matches.
  • Select the First Blood match.
  • Confirm your wrestler.

First Blood Match in Universe Mode

You can also use your custom First Blood match in WWE 2K23’s Universe Mode. Here’s how:

  • Create Universe’s Classic Mode.
  • Select Tonight’s Show.
  • Click on Edit Matches.
  • Customize the match settings
  • Select Customize Match.
  • Click on Match Type.
  • Highlight Custom Match and select First Blood.
  • Select Accept.

We hope that with our guide How to Create a First Blood Match in WWE 2K23, you can easily create a First Blood match and experience the intense and brutal fights that come with it. Don’t miss out on the excitement and try it out for yourself!

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