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New Valorant Agent Gekko Abilities 



Valorant Agent Gekko Abilities

Valorant is known for its unique take on in-game characters, be it Harbor from South East Asia or the star of this article Gekko, Valorant accommodates a wide range of versatile agents from all domains of the world.

Speaking of the characters, Valorant has added another agent to its lineup, and this time it’s a reptilian infiltrator named Gekko. The latest addition is the 22nd agent in the game and brings unique abilities to the mix. In this article we will dive deep into the Valorant agent Gekko abilities, so stick around!

Gekko is a master of disruption and subterfuge, making her an exciting choice for players who love to play mind games with their opponents.

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Valorant Gekko abilities
New Valorant Agent Gekko Abilities  28

Valorant Gekko Abilities 


Gekko’s abilities are centered around mobility and disruption. Her first ability, Dizzy, equips a plasma gun and fires it, allowing her to soar through the air. Dizzy charges up and unleashes plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight, blinding them for a short time. 

After a brief cooldown, Gekko Valorant agent can pick up the dormant globule that Dizzy becomes when it expires and use it again.


Valorant agent Gekko abilities also include Thrash which provides her with a spear that she can use to attack enemies.

Gekko can charge ahead and explode when it is activated, immobilizing any opponents around. During a brief cooldown period, Gekko can also reclaim the spear and get another charge once the ability has finished.

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Her third ability is Wingman, a weapon she employs to track down and combat enemies. As soon as the target notices the first opponent in its field of view, the Wingman launches a concussive blast that knocks it unconscious.

By using the alternate firing, the new Valorant agent Gekko can also deploy the Wingman to defuse or plant the Spike. Nevertheless, in order to employ the Wingman as a planter, Gekko Valorant agent needs to have the Spike in her possession. During a brief cooldown period, Gekko can retrieve the Wingman once it has been utilized. Also, watch the Valorant Gekko trailer linked below!

Mosh Pit (Ultimate)

Gekko’s ultimate ability is the Mosh Pit, which involves throwing a projectile that duplicates upon impact and detonates after a short delay, creating an explosion across a broad area, much like a KAY/O grenade. Gekko can use alternate fire to throw it underhand or regular fire to launch it in a standard manner.

Monk believes that Gekko is a crucial addition to the Valorant agent lineup. She is a great option for individuals who like to sabotage their opponents’ moves and stir up mayhem on the battlefield thanks to her talents. Gekko is expected to be a popular choice for players wishing to add new depth to their games because of her distinctive collection of powers.

Her special skills give the game a fascinating new depth. Give Gekko a shot if you want to test out a new agent and see how she can assist you in succeeding in Valorant matches.

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