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The Secret to Warwick Runes Success : The Ultimate Guide



Best guide for making Warwick Runes in league of legends

Warwick is a fierce and formidable jungle in League of Legends. With his ability to initiate fights, chase down enemies, and provide crowd control, he can be a game-changer for his team. Building Warwick correctly can maximize his potential and ensure he contributes to the game in the best possible way. In this article, we’ll cover the best Warwick Runes build for optimal performance in League of Legends.

Skillset and Ability Power-Ups

Warwick’s skillset revolves around his ability to sustain himself in fights, while also dealing a significant amount of damage. He has the following abilities:

  • Q: Jaws of the Beast
  • W: Blood Hunt
  • E: Primal Howl
  • R: Infinite Duress

When building Warwick, it’s essential to focus on increasing his ability power and attack speed. This will help him deal more damage, sustain longer in fights, and be more effective overall.

Item Build for Warwick Runes

Here’s a recommended item build for Warwick:

  1. Hunter’s Talisman
  2. Skirmisher’s Sabre
  3. Mercury’s Treads
  4. Guardian Angel
  5. Bloodthirster
  6. Spirit Visage

This item build provides Warwick Runes with a good balance of attack speed, ability power, and defense. The Hunter’s Talisman provides mana regen and damage over time, while the Skirmisher’s Sabre gives him extra damage and a slow effect. Mercury’s Treads give him movement speed and tenacity, making it easier for him to engage and disengage from fights. The Guardian Angel provides him with an extra life in fights, while the Bloodthirster and Spirit Visage give him a significant amount of life steal and magic resist, making him even more durable in fights.


When playing Warwick, it’s essential to focus on ganking and securing kills in the early game. Use your Q to close the gap and initiate fights, and then use your W to follow up and deal more damage. Your E will help you sustain in fights, while your R will provide a powerful crowd-control effect, allowing you to lock down an enemy champion.

It’s also crucial to coordinate with your team, especially in the late game. Warwick is most effective when he can jump in and disrupt the enemy team’s backline, setting up kills for his allies.

Warwick is a powerful jungle in League of Legends, capable of making a big impact in the game. Building him correctly and playing him effectively can help you dominate the jungle and carry your team to victory. By focusing on increasing his ability power and attack speed, and following the recommended item build, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the ultimate Warwick player.

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